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**LAST UPDATED: 11/7/2015**

*Note: This game is incomplete and there is currently no goal or "win" objective. I am still actively working this project in my spare time. New builds are uploaded here as I progress.*

  • You can only build new structures in a cell if a unit is present.
  • Press/Hold the + and - to summon and unsummon units to a location.
  • Spacebar will enable/disable new unit spawning. (Spawning is automatically disabled when your upkeep is > or = your income)
  • Ready units can be summoned, Homed units cannot.
  • Each unit has an upkeep of 2 food and 10 gold per cycle.
  • Farms provide 15 gold and 15 food per cycle.
  • Markets provide 50 gold per cycle.
  • The stronghold provides 20 gold and 10 food per cycle.
  • Vault increases maximum gold storage by 500.
  • Granary increases maximum food storage by 500.

Stronghold was an awesome fantasy RPG/Strategy game from 1993 made by Stormfront/SSI that used a Dungeons & Dragons rule-set. I've recently started a project in an attempt to create a game with a very similar feel. The 22 years of technological improvement will allow for much smoother, visually appealing, larger scale battles (and without the need for DOSBox). As you can tell, appropriate graphics and animations are not yet implemented to keep the web-player build small and quick to load.


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Hi. I'm a 3D modeller/animator. I wanna help you make this, if you're still interested. Please contact me if you are.